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Starting a Career in Trucking

Get Your Commercial Drivers License

Starting a career in trucking in Greensboro is a great decision for the right person.  It may seem a little scary for some.  Not to worry.  You will get taught what you need to know in truck driving training.  One of the things that you have to decide on though, is which method  you will use to get your CDL.

Greensboro CDL Training


Company Sponsored or Free Training

Free CDL training program provided by trucking companies.  An option in for the right person.  If you don’t have money for truck driving school or a private company and simply don’t want to shell out the cash, you can get your training at a trucking company.  This means however, that you are tied to that company for a period of time usually a year.  In most cases, this will also mean that your yearly salary is lower than other options for the first year.

Truck Driving School

There are several trucking school options near Greensboro NC.  Asheboro and Thomasville both have truck driver training.  In Asheboro you can attend trucking school for about $2300.  The good thing about a private trucking school is that you have the freedom to go to any trucking company that offers you the best driving opportunity.

Community College

I like the community college option the best.  Although, I attended a truck driving school.  My truck driving school was over $5,000.  Going to Davidson Community College for truck driver training will only cost you about $1,200.  Afterwards, you will be able to go to the trucking company that offers you the best deal.  You must attend an information session prior to enrolling.  They also have financial aid available.

Get Your CDL On Your Own

Study yourself and get a CDL permit then license.  This might be okay if you know someone who will let you drive their truck for the test and if you also know someone who will hire you.  Most companies will not hire a person who has gotten their CDL this way.  The company does not know what type of training you had for being a driver.  A truck driver training program at least means that there was an organized process of teaching you the ropes of being a truck driver.

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